Shea Nilotik’ Oil (Menthe Vanilla)


This is for those who loves the effect of shea butter but prefers something easier to apply. So instead of shea butter, we melted it & extracted only the oil.

Shea oil is super easy to spread & apply on our skin.

Plus, it absorbs fairly quick into the skin too.

This shea oil is infused with vanilla & peppermint essential oil, to give you a slightly cooling sensation on your skin right after use.

The cooling sensation helps to soothe & calm down your skin.

You can apply this shea oil from head to toe. Check our description for more details!


  • 100% Natural
  • Gentle on sensitive skin
  • Made from the rare nilotica shea butter
  • Very moisturizing & easy to apply
  • Gives a cooling sensation on your skin
  • Can be used from head to toe

This is a super multi-functional moisturizer that can be used from head to toe. 

Dry hair or hair breaks easily? Just apply a dash of this oil, directly on your scalp & on your hair too. Watch how it revives your hair & makes it shine again. 

Looking for a simple moisturizer for your face? This works well too. And a large bottle like this would last for years! 

Need to moisturize your body or looking for a massage oil? Again this comes in handy.

Great to use for cracked heels too. Just ensure you apply it on your feet before you go to bed every night.  

Lastly, you can even add 2 to 3 pumps into your bathtub before you dip in for a relaxing soak. It’ll soften & moisturize your skin after soaking. 

Thanks to the peppermint essential oil, using this oil will leave a little cooling sensation on your skin. It’s really soothing when applied, especially on itchy rashes. 

With so many ways to use this oil, you’ll never find a more economical moisturizer like this that works wonders.

UDSA Certified Organic Nilotica Shea Butter, Vanilla, Moroccan Peppermint Essential Oil

Step 1:

Apply the oil to you hair, face, hands, feet or body.

Step 2:

Massage in circular motions until everything is absorbed into your skin.

Step 3:

Use 1-2 times every day to keep your skin moisturized & hydrated.


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