About Us

Shea Terra brings you genuinely natural & organic remedies made from traditional, time-tested ingredients such as shea butter, black seed oil, tamanu oil, kigelia & many more.

Our Founder: Tammie Umbel

Ever since she was a little girl, Tammie always have a soft spot for human, wildlife & nature welfare. Television shaped her consciousness as she often watched programs on endangered wildlife & the threats of dwindling ecosystems.

Tammie also watched Feed the Children, a program which showed starving children in underdeveloped countries. From there, she was saddened by images of children living in poverty & horrible conditions.

She promised that one day she would create jobs for these communities in order for them to support themselves.

The Company

In 1999, Tammie’s promise begins its journey when she launched her 1st company selling varieties of beauty ingredients from different countries. The idea was to offer those beauty ingredients at prices that people could afford so that she could reach out to as many people as possible.

Eventually, Tammie rebranded that company into African Shea Butter Co. because shea butter is their best-selling product. From there, it evolved into Shea Terra Organics as Tammie brought in more amazing ingredients from Africa to sell.

After many years, it got rebranded again into what it is today – Shea Terra. Tammie decided to take “Organics” off the brand because it has become so overused and abused. There is so much fraud when it comes to organics that it no longer brings in much value.

With fair trade in mind, our ingredients are ethically sourced from all over Africa.
All of our products are either 99% or 100% natural. There are no nasty chemicals, no SLS, SLES, parabens, fragrances or fillers.

Shea Terra’s Commitment

While being highly committed to creating jobs, Tammie did not forego her devotion to the environment & wildlife conservation. Shea Terra’s amazing quality ingredients were sourced personally by Tammie during all her trips to Africa over the past 20 years.

She prioritizes organic or wild harvested ingredients sold from women’s cooperatives, wildlife conservation projects & community improvement programs. Their survival highly depends on the continuous demand for & sale of their quality ingredients.

By that virtue, Shea Terra stands for green beauty, clean beauty, fair trade, people empowerment, cruelty-free & conflict-free as well!

Shea Terra’s Honest Labeling

A lot of today’s commercialized skincare contain many harmful ingredients. Ingredients that absorb into our body & slowly damage it over time.

Many claimed their products are natural or organic. But upon closer inspection, there are only a few natural ingredients among many other synthetic ingredients that most of us do not understand. Hence, here in Shea Terra, our ingredient lists are very simple, friendly & easy to understand.

All of our products are either 99% or 100% natural. There are no nasty chemicals, no SLS, SLES, parabens, fragrances or fillers to bulk up the product & make it look affordable. Just simple & basic skincare, the way it’s supposed to be since hundreds of years ago..