If You’re Struggling With Eczema, Check Out;

How This Rare Butter Became The Holy Grail Remedy For People With Eczema

If you check the ingredient list of many creams & lotions in the market…

…you’ll notice that shea butter is one of the commonly used ingredients.

But this isn’t the usual butter that people have in their fridge.

Shea butter is a unique butter that’s extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, a rare tree which is only found in Africa.

Scientists have found that this butter is super RICH in nutrients, antioxidants & vitamins.

Plus, it’s HIGHLY moisturizing too.

Because of that, shea butter is one of the TOP choices for making eczema creams & lotions.

Sadly, Most Creams & Lotions Have 2 MAJOR Problems

These are the problems that cause those products to be ineffective for eczema;

Problem #1

Most products out there contain tiny amount of shea butter only, usually less than 10%

Problem #2

Most products out there are mixed & diluted with many other inferior ingredients

So, we decided to solve those problems by offering people…

100% pure & unrefined shea butters.

That’s the highest quality you’ll ever get with all the natural goodness still remaining intact.

So not only it can keep your skin ultra moisturized, but it will also;

  • Subside the flare-ups & redness
  • Repair your skin since it’s rich with vitamin E
  • Protect your skin from bacteria infections

That’s almost EVERYTHING you need to soothe the rashes, stop the itchiness & get your smooth skin back again.

It’s like having a protective & moisturizing barrier around your skin that can also heal.

See what other eczema fighters have to say after trying it;

Shea butter heals eczema 1
Nilotica shea butter heals eczema

Here’s The Single Most Valuable Benefit Of Using A 100% Pure Shea Butter

Most doctors or pharmacists will NOT tell you this, but it really needs to be shared to all eczema fighters out there;

“The BEST way to start overcoming eczema is to use 100% pure moisturizers”

Especially if it’s 100% natural too.

As you already know…there are A LOT of factors that can trigger eczema.

So with only 1 natural ingredient, there’s a very VERY LOW chance to trigger your eczema.

And even if it does trigger your skin…

…at least you’ll know exactly what to avoid in the future right?

That’s why, everyone who has tried our 100% pure shea butter…wished they had discovered it sooner.

No more blindly testing 1 product after another.

This is what you should be using:

If You’ve Been Struggling With Eczema, This Is SPECIALLY For You

We understand the frustration of trying so many different products that don’t work…

That’s why, we’re doing things differently here.

To prove that we’re genuinely here to help you, not just making big empty promises…

…we’ll give you a 100 days money-back guarantee when you order our shea butter.

That means you get up to 100 days to use it & heal your skin.

If somehow you’re not happy or not satisfied…just send it back to us. We will return your money back via bank transfer without questions.

No one likes buying things that don’t work right?

So, if you are serious about taking control of your eczema…

…get our 100% pure shea butter now;

For Only RM30, You Can Transform Your Life Like Them Too

Why Use Shea Butter?

Shea butters have been traditionally used for hundreds of years already to treat various skin problems.

If it has worked before, it’ll work now as well right?

Furthermore, its effectiveness has already been PROVEN by science too.

Because of that, shea butter is one of the MOST popular ingredients for making soothing balms, creams & lotions.

But what makes our shea butter special is because of it’s;

Soft & creamy

Different from the commonly found shea butter


Super concentrated & not mixed with anything at all


All it’s nutrients & vitamins still remain intact


It has not been processed or refined

Those are the qualities that will give you the MAXIMUM benefits that you want for your skin.

Our shea butter vs normal moisturizers:

Our Shea ButterNormal Moisturizers
Thick & concentratedDiluted with fillers
Absorbs well, doesn’t make your skin stickyMight be sticky after use
Only 1 ingredient; unlikely to trigger eczemaContains a lot of ingredients, high chance to trigger eczema
100% safe, even for babiesMay contain nasty chemicals
Traditionally used for hundreds of years alreadyUsually are new R&D discovery with limited testings
If it doesn’t work, you’ll know what to avoid in the futureIf it doesn’t work, you remain clueless as before

This Could Be You Too…Here’s What Ex-Eczema Fighters Have To Say After Using Our Shea Butter: