Organic Mommy & Baby

From the day you’re carrying your baby, up until you deliver & start breastfeeding. There’s always the same question haunting you…

“Is this safe for pregnancy?”

“Is it safe for babies?”

Rest assured, you don’t need to worry about those here.

Shea Terra Is Built By
A Mother Of 14 Children

So we understand your concerns & worries when it comes to pregnancy & baby skincare. For our Organic Mommy & Baby range, we use 100% natural & mostly organic ingredients only.

You absolutely have to see our ingredient list to believe it. A lot of natural brands claimed they’re natural, yet when we glance through their ingredient list…it’s still filled with ingredients that we can’t even pronounce!

Believing that less is more, our products are made with minimal ingredients for maximum benefits. You don’t need to be a science professor to understand our ingredient list.