Pomegranate Oil

About Pomegranate Oil

A symbol of fertility, pomegranate has been cultivated & used by humans for hundreds of years to treat various diseases. Today, pomegranate is one of the world’s premier superfood & it is grown in many tropical countries including Malaysia. Being among the few fruits in the world that is rich with the rare punicic acid (omega-5) & ellagic acid, pomegranate oil has the ability to both repair & protect our skin. Therefore, it is one of the best anti-aging oil out there.
Shea Terra Organics’s extra virgin pomegranate oil is pink in color because it’s cold pressed oil. It’s not refined, so that retains its original color along with all its nutrients & antioxidants. On top of that, pomegranate oil has a naturally sweet fruity scent too. It’s a light oil that absorbs quickly into skin, penetrating deep inside to heal from within.


  1. Promotes collagen production on our skin. It contains vitamin C & phytosterols that encourages the skin to produce its own collagen. Therefore, helping the skin repair itself & heal wounds too. As a result of that, the skin becomes more radiant & healthier.
  2. Regenerates the epidermis. Pomegranate oil promotes the cell regeneration of our outer most skin (keratinocyte). This helps our skin retain its moisture, improves elasticity & youthful appearance by regularly creating new skin cells.
  3. Strong anti-inflammatory. Pomegranate oil’s anti-inflammatory property comes from its punicic acid. It is effective in soothing redness or irritation due to inflamed skin. Making it suitable to calm down eczema inflammation too.
  4. Good anti-bacterial property. It helps to eliminate bacteria on our skin, including acne causing bacteria. Making pomegranate oil an ideal face oil for acne prone skin.
  5. Treats hair loss. When massaged onto the scalp, it improves blood circulation which in turn increases nutrient delivery to the hair follicles. This helps to nourish the scalp, reduce hair loss & also protects their hair.
Shea Terra’s pomegranate oil originates from Egypt, grown along the Nile river the way it has been since hundreds of years ago. It is cold pressed from the seed along with the flesh without refinement. Thus, giving our virgin quality pomegranate oil a lovely pink color & naturally sweet fruity scent. Commercialized pomegranate oil is often extracted chemically via hexane because it’s quicker, inexpensive & able to extract more oils compared to the traditional cold pressed method.
But that chemical extraction will leave some hexane residues in the oil, which could be harmful instead. Another popular method of extraction is the CO2 method. It’s a process that uses highly pressurized carbon dioxide to extract the oil but the some of the beneficial nutrients in the pomegranate oil may diminish due to the high pressure. Hence, cold pressed method is the ideal method of extraction so far that can retain all of its original nutrients.