Here’s How To Use Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret To Stop Hair Loss & Get More Luscious Hair

Egyptian Women As Cleopatra

Thanks to Cleopatra’s pursuit for beauty, the ancient Egyptians have mastered the art of skincare & beauty since thousands of years ago.

They discovered a lot of plant-based beauty remedies & treatments, which eventually got passed down generations after generations.

And during one of our visits to Egypt, we discovered Cleopatra’s secret hair growth technique using castor oil from the locals!

Surprisingly, it’s still very relevant & still being used until this day.

Even after 2,500 years have passed by!

A Surprising Discovery; Only Specially Prepared Castor Beans Will Work

Cleopatra loves her beauty oils.

So, we’re not really surprised to hear that she uses castor oil for her hair.

But what really surprised us was…

…there is a secret technique which makes Cleopatra’s castor oil absolutely different from ordinary castor oils.

Apparently, the Egyptians discovered that by roasting the castor beans first…the resulting castor oil will have ENHANCED hair growth capabilities.

Thanks to this discovery, many Egyptians have thick & luscious hair until today.

Because of how different it is from ordinary castor oil, Cleopatra’s version is then known as black castor oil among the locals.

You can now stop hair loss with Cleopatra’s beauty secret too:

Results Proven By Scientific Studies

Curious scientists have even studied the effectiveness of black castor oil.

From their research, they found out that roasted castor beans will release a special protein into the oil.

That’s exactly the protein we need for hair growth, hair regeneration & overall strong healthy hair.

Furthermore, they also discovered that black castor oil can;

  • Clear scalp infections that are blocking new hairs from growing
  • Nourish your scalp & hair follicles with nutrients for healthy hair growth
  • Improve blood circulation to the hair follicles for promoting new hairs
  • Moisturize & strengthen hair to reduce breakage

That’s tackling hair loss in 5 different ways!

Meanwhile, most modern hair care tackles hair loss in 1 or 2 ways only.

So, if you’re facing hair loss…black castor oil is something you really need to try first;

Get The Power Of Black Castor Oil For Your Hair

Alright, not everyone likes the thick as honey texture of the black castor oil.

So for your convenience, we made a 100% natural shampoo based on black castor oil.

And to make it even better, we also added 3 other traditionally well-known ingredients for hair growth;

Lastly & most importantly, we made this shampoo SUPER concentrated.

It contains only 11 ingredients including water.

This is to ensure you get a high & concentrated amount of the hair growth goodness that you need.

Most shampoos in the market have only a tiny amount of the good ingredients. And they’re diluted with a lot of fillers instead.

That’s why they don’t work very well.

But the worst are shampoos containing SLS, SLES, sulfates etc which cause hair loss.

So for those who aren’t into hair oils, this shampoo is the one for you: