Moroccan Rose Water Ester-C Face Spritz


Tone, purify pores and hydrate your skin with our alcohol-free toner.


  • Alcohol free! It does not dry your skin
  • The Ester-C content slowly releases vitamin C into your skin
  • Promotes collagen production
  • Hydrates your skin & balance back its pH level
  • Not diluted with water

This product is a splendid union between traditional & modern day skincare.

Made primarily from rose petals & rose hips hydrosol, with a tinge of patented Ester-C. This amazing technology slowly releases vitamin C into your skin throughout the day. Providing you with the vitamin C for your daily routine without going to waste.

Our organic rose water has long been valued for its superior hydrating powers & various antioxidants. Because the women’s cooperative that produces this rose water is a rare gem! They do not extract the precious rose oil from the water.

Most rose water suppliers will extract every single drop of the rose oil. It’ll be sold off as rose essential oil at a much higher price. That’s what makes our rose water truly valuable.

So, this is a great all-rounder toner for all skin types. It keeps your skin hydrated & nourished at the same time.

As usual, the best part of our toners is they are not further diluted with water. You won’t find water (aqua) or any fillers in its ingredient list. This is a highly concentrated toner with minimal ingredients for maximum benefits.

Organic Moroccan rose water, Patented Ester-C.

Step 1:

Mist or spritz directly on your face after cleansing.

Step 2:

You may use a cotton ball or cotton pad to clean any leftover debris.

Step 3:

Repeat daily to keep your skin healthy, supple & hydrated.

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