Egyptian Black Castor Oil


This thick & moisturizing oil is best used as a hair mask. Helps to strengthen hair & promote new hair growth.


  • 100% pure, black castor oil
  • Cold pressed for best quality
  • Excellent for promoting hair growth
  • Decreases breakage by strengthening the hair
  • Reducing hair loss by nourishing your scalp

Curious to know how black castor oil is better than ordinary castor oil in terms of hair growth?

Castor beans produce a thick, emollient oil that is excellent for dressing wounds, nourishing the scalp, strengthening & conditioning our hair.

But Ancient Egyptians discovered that by roasting the beans first, they produce ashes that strengthen the hair & increase hair growth. This method releases sulphur from the ashes into the oil.

The presence of sulphur is the key that helps to strengthen hair & promote hair growth. This is because our hair is made from a protein called keratin, which is high in sulphur content.

In other words, our scalp needs sulphur to produce hair! That’s why the lack of sulphur leads to brittle hair that is easily broken or falls off. Therefore, black castor oil works better than ordinary castor oil in terms of strengthening & hair growth.

Our Egyptian black castor oil is made using the ancient method…

First, naturally grown castor beans are roasted & then ground into a paste. The paste is then cold pressed to produce the highest quality oil.

Our oil is never produced by boiling the beans which actually adds water. That can potentially cause fungal growth or destroy vital nutrients that we need.

This amazing hair oil is also a key ingredient for our highly popular hair growth shampoo! You can double up your hair growth efforts by using this together with our shampoo.

100% Pure, cold-pressed black castor oil (ricinus communis)

Step 1:

Massage oil onto the scalp and areas of hair loss

Step 2:

Cover with a shower cap & leave on for 1 hour.

Step 3:

Wash off thoroughly with shampoo.

Step 4:

Repeat 3 to 4 times a week for best results.


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