Argan & Rosemary Facial Cleansing Oil


Our argan oil is cold pressed to retain all those nutrients during the extraction process.


  • 3 in 1; make up remover, cleanser & moisturizer
  • Super gentle on your skin
  • Clears away dirt while nourishing your skin
  • No need to re-apply oils or creams after using
  • Feel clean, refreshed & younger at the same time

Looking at oil cleansing method? Begin your journey with our 100% natural cleansing oil. Oil cleansing is a very important routine that should be done at least once a week. This method works on the premise that oil dissolves oil. Therefore, oil cleansing is highly recommended even for oily skin. It dissolves harden sebum, cleans away dirt, make-ups & soaps as well.

Cleansing with oil may surprise some people. But our skin naturally produces oil because it needs it. Oil protects our skin by reducing transepidermal water loss & improves moisture retention.  So, overuse of soap-based cleanser which strips our skin of oils, will cause our skin to become overly dry. Consequently, our skin’s natural defense mechanism will produce more oils to compensate for the lack of moisture. Therefore, leading to dry & severely oily skin.

Our cleansing oil is made with only organic argan oil & rosemary essential oil. Just 2  ingredients, simplicity at its best. Yes! You saw that right, we use the premium & certified organic argan oil as the base for our amazing cleansing oil. It does not only clean & moisturize your skin, but also nourish it with the luxurious argan oil.

Argan oil is naturally rich in beneficial nutrients such as vitamin E, fatty acids, squalene & various antioxidants. Our argan oil is cold pressed to retain all those nutrients during the extraction process. With our oil cleanser, you’ll be effectively cleansing away dirt & debris while nourishing your skin. Leaving you with clean, soft, moisturized & youthful skin.

Certified organic argan oil, rosemary essential oil.

Step 1:

Apply the Argan & Rosemary Facial Cleansing Oil to a cotton ball or soft cloth.

Step 2:

Rub the cotton ball on your face to remove all the debris or dirt off. Remember to change the ball as it collects dirt.

Step 3:

Lastly, wipe your face with a wet towel.


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