Rosehips Oil For Our Skin

While many people take Jojoba oil as the queen of beauty essential to defy the effects of gravity and aging skin, there is another popular face oil that’s gaining popularity. It’s the Rosehip Oil. And you may wonder if it is actually a type of oil made from Rose – because of its name. If you are still unfamiliar with the Rosehip Oil and its wondrous benefits, we can assure you it is as rosy as it sounds.

What is Rosehip Oil?

Rosehip oil is extracted either from the rosehips seeds or from the whole fruit itself. Rosehip oil is not to be confused with rose oil which is extracted from rose petals. Loaded with high doses of essential fatty acids and nourishing vitamins, it has been prized since ancient times due to its amazing healing properties for the skin. Dermatologists as well as many other celebrities such as Victoria’s Secret model beauty Miranda Kerr have endorsed rosehip oil in daily skincare for bringing wonderful benefits to the skin.

However, we know that there’s no one size that fits us all. Just like most beauty essentials out there, rosehip oil may not work for everyone. Nevertheless, it does have some benefits that are really magical. Here are the magical benefits of rosehip oil that will make you want to add it to your skincare routine already:

Benefits of Rosehip Oil for Skin


Rosehip oil has a fair amount of omega 3, 6 & 9, making it the ideal go-to oil for most people. The skin can easily absorb the oil and it helps to lock in moisture, thus preventing dryness. A lot of moisturisers contain rosehip oil as their active ingredient due to balanced fatty acid profile. Highly recommended for those suffering from dry skin.

Fixing Wrinkles

Rosehip oil stimulates and boosts collagen production. Thus, improving skin elasticity. It’s rich with beauty essentials such as essential fatty acids, provitamins A and may contain some vitamin C too. These wondrous nutrients allow rosehip oil to smoothen wrinkles and create a more plumped, youthful appearance.

Even Out Skin Tone

Victoria’s Secret beauty Miranda Kerr swears by rosehip oil to help her skin remain flawless and even. The provitamin A works well with Vitamin C to boost skin cell turnover. Its exfoliating ability helps to shed old, damaged and pigmented skin. Thus, allowing new healthy and radiant skin to surface.

Treating Scars

Due to its ability to promote cell regeneration, rosehips oil has also been used to treat post-surgical scars. Therefore, it is no surprise that it has been used since the ancient days to heal wounds and scars. If you’re struggling to lighten the acne scars on your face, apply some rosehip oil on your scars in the morning and evening.

Using Rosehip Oil

Having low comedogenic rating, rosehip oil easily absorbed into the skin without clogging your pores. But as much as it is safe for all skin types and no proven side effects, it’s always recommended to do a patch test first before fully using it.

Rosehip oil can be used directly to the skin, ideally twice a day – morning and evening. Dab and rub it into your skin slowly in circular motion. If you find pure oil on its own is too thick for your skin, just add a few drops to your favourite cream instead.

Like most face oils, rosehip oil should be stored in a dark bottle to effectively protect it from the sun’s UV rays. To ensure longer shelf life, always make sure to store it in a cool place, or even in the refrigerator.