The Original African Black Soap Body Wash (Lemongrass)


Amazing natural remedy for acne or pimple problems.


  • 100% natural & Genuine African black soap
  • Excellent at getting rid of acne
  • Firms your skin
  • Removes dead skin
  • Encourages new skin to grow

Our 100% natural & authentic African Black Soap is made by the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. The Yorubans are believed to be the original makers of this black soap. It has a remarkable property that deep cleanse your skin like microdermabrasion, which mildly exfoliates as well.

Thus, African black soap is capable of clearing away blackheads & whiteheads as well which tend to cause acne. It works by dissolving hardened oils, which hold onto your dead skin cells & other impurities on the skin. Therefore, allowing you to scrub those dirt away & clear the clogged pores. Giving you squeaky clean skin after each wash.

Traditionally, authentic African black soap is used to cleanse the skin from parasites & bacteria. This is owing to its natural antibacterial & antifungal properties which came from the sulphur in the ashes used to make black soap.

The ashes also determine the soap’s final colour. That’s why there are several different colours of black soap. Lighter brown versions often use lesser ashes.

With both natural deep cleansing & antibacterial properties, this makes African black soap an amazing natural remedy for acne or pimple problems. Hence, African black soap is our go-to solution for anti-acne soap.

For your convenience, we not only made a shower gel African black soap, but also infused it with lemongrass for its natural fragrance & extra benefits!

Spring water, Certified organic sunflower oil, Yoruban black soap, Certified organic virgin coconut oil, Potassium hydroxide (lye), Kalahari mineral salt, Lemongrass essential oil.

Step 1:

Pump the shower gel 2 to 3 times onto your wet skin.

Step 2:

Take some time to scrub & massage it all over your skin.

Step 3:

Rinse off with water. Use it once or twice a day for squeaky clean skin.


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