Rose Hips Replenish Face Crème


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Harnesses the natural anti-aging power of rose hips oil to plump and regenerates your skin.


  • Regenerate & repairs skin
  • Combat loss of collagen & sagging skin
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Highly concentrated for maximum benefits
  • A great daily moisturizer

This Rose Hips Replenish Crème harnesses the natural anti-aging power of rose hips oil to plump & regenerates your skin.

We make this cream with Moroccan rose water as its base. It’s better than plain water because rose water provides our skin with a silky texture as well as imparts its own anti-aging benefits to the skin.

Then we added in a GENEROUS amount of cold-pressed, virgin quality rose hips oil.

If you check our labels, the rose hips oil is the 2nd highest ingredient in our cream. It’s just right after the rose water. So, that means you’re getting high amount of the luxurious rose hips oil in this cream.

Most creams in the market contain tiny amount of the good oils only. Just look at their ingredient list, you’ll notice that their good oils are usually at the very bottom. Which indicates its content is among the least in there.

Next, we added nilotica shea butter to boost this cream’s moisturizing capability. And lastly, we added sea buckthorn oil to enhance the cream’s anti-aging power.

This cream is made with as few ingredients as possible. This ensures that you can benefit from a higher concentration of what your skin really needs.

Since the rose hips oil is super concentrated in this cream, it is the ideal moisturizer for those who love rose hips oil…but aren’t comfortable applying pure oils to their skin yet.

You won’t find another cream with as much rose hips oil or as concentrated as ours!

Moroccan rose water, Rubiginosa rose hips oil, Vegetable emulsifying wax, Nilotica shea butter, Sea buckthorn oil, Glucono delta-lactone (natural preservative), Sodium benzoate.

Step 1:

Gently massage a small amount into you skin after toner.

Step 2:

Massage for a few minutes in a circular motion until it’s fully absorbed in.

Step 3:

Repeat daily to keep your skin moisturized and youthful.


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