Moroccan Lava Clay Shampoo Bar (Rose Geranium)


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A shampoo bar with an amazing cleansing, purifying & detoxifying ability. Great for deep cleansing & detox your hair once a week at least. 


  • 100% natural shampoo bar
  • Made with Moroccan lava clay
  • Softens & strengthen hair
  • Has a pleasant rose geranium scent
  • Very convenient to bring during holidays

Going zero waste to reduce your plastic footprint? Or fancy a convenient shampoo for your upcoming holiday?

You came to the right place! Our 100% natural shampoo bar is made based on an ancient Moroccan beauty regime.

For centuries, the Berber people in Morocco have been using a unique lava clay to clean, soften & strengthen their hair. Locally known as ghassoul or rhassoul, this Moroccan lava clay cleans by drawing out impurities & toxins alike from our hair & skin.

Moroccan lava clay is formed from millions of years of volcanic activity beneath Mt Atlas. It’s the accumulation of minerals, that surfaced from deep within the Earth via volcanic movements.

As a result, ghassoul is remarkably rich in silica, potassium, calcium, iron, & magnesium. This is the key to its amazing cleansing, purifying & detoxifying ability. Being rich in minerals grants ghassoul a very strong electromagnetic charge.

By nature, mineral clays are negatively charged while toxins such as environmental pollutants & dirt are positively charged. So, a supercharged clay-like ghassoul will pull out all those impurities from our hair & skin like a magnet.

At the same time, it also helps to replenish the minerals that we’re lacking. Leaving our hair super clean, healthy & soft after each wash. This is how ghassoul does wonders to our hair & skin for centuries.

This shampoo bar is infused with rose geranium essential oil for the extra benefits it carries. Moreover, it has a naturally pleasant rosy scent. Giving you a comfortable washing experience.

Certified organic nilotica shea butter, Certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, Pure spring water, Certified organic extra virgin olive oil, Moroccan Lava Clay, Sodium hydroxide (lye), Certified organic rose geranium essential oil.

Step 1:

Rub shampoo bar into wet hair to lather into a rich foam. Or lather on your hands first before scrubbing your hair.

Step 2:

Slowly scrub around your hair before rinsing off. Don’t rush this step, the nutrients need time to absorb in.

Step 3:

Repeat daily for squeaky clean hair. You can apply any one of our hair oil after shampooing too if needed.

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