Kigelia Fruit Licorice Root Brightening Face Cream


This is our after-sun treatment cream. Fade away pigmentation & firm up your skin with this face cream.


  • 100% natural
  • Repair & protect skin against sun damage
  • Kigelia naturally firms skin
  • Licorice roots lightens skin & pigmentation
  • Keeps your skin healthy & well moisturized

South African women have been using kigelia fruit extracts to firm their face & breast for centuries. It is also a great moisturizer with many healing properties.

So, you’ll find kigelia still heavily used in Africa till today. Especially in rural areas with limited access to modern medicine.

On top of its valuable skin firming properties, studies have mentioned that kigelia can also be used to combat the effects of sun damage like sunspots or dark circles.

That’s why we combine this amazing super fruit with licorice root powder to produce this superb anti-pigmentation cream. It’s everything that a mature skin needs – moisturizing, firming and fading pigmentations.

Highly recommended for all mature skin or people who spend a lot of time under the sun.

Spring water, Nilotica shea butter, Natural emulsifying wax, Cape aloe, Argan oil, Kigelia fruit extract, Licorice root, Glucono delta-lactone (natural preservative), Sodium benzoate

Step 1:

Gently massage a small amount into you skin after toner.

Step 2:

Massage for a few minutes in circular motion until it’s fully absorbed in.

Step 3:

Repeat daily to fade away those pigmentations.


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