Egyptian Pomegranate Cold Pressed Oil


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Sweet-smelling oil that gives you young radiant skin.


  • 100% pure & natural from the Nile
  • Amazingly sweet natural scent
  • Great anti-aging oil
  • Rich in omega-5 fatty acid & other antioxidants
  • Protect & repair skin damage from the environment
  •  Improve moisture retention & promotes collagen growth

100% pure pomegranate oil from Egypt. The pomegranate fruit has long been revered as the symbol of beauty and fertility in Egypt. Rich in omega-5 fatty acid (punicic acid), anti-oxidants, phytoestrogens & phytosterols.

This naturally sweet-smelling oil helps to protect & repair the skin from environmental damage. It also improves skin elasticity & revitalizes old skin by promoting collagen production & skin turnover.

In other words, pomegranate oil helps to promote new & healthy skin formation. When paired with an exfoliator (a scrub), it works like a laser treatment. Peeling off your old skin & bringing new radiant skin to the surface. Except that, laser doesn’t guarantee you new radiant skin.

Because lasering is just peeling off the top layer of your skin. If your skin isn’t healthy enough, you’re not getting new supple or radiant skin. It’ll make your skin inflamed and more sensitive instead.

Therefore, if you want a natural laser therapy with no risk…pomegranate oil is your answer. Don’t forget to use it together with a face scrub. You need something to peel off your skin after all.

There’re 2 reasons why our pomegranate oil will be your new holy grail. Firstly, it doesn’t clog pores. Start with a small amount, and massage it into your skin. The oil will absorb in & work its magic deep below your skin, without making you feel greasy.

Secondly, our pomegranate oil is cold-pressed including the fruit itself. That’s why our oil is beautifully pink in colour (the fruit is red right?), has a naturally sweet scent and you get benefits from the fruit as well.

On the other hand, other pomegranate oils are extracted from the seeds only. That’s why they’re yellowish in colour & have no scent. Of course, no extra benefits from the fruit too.

So, give this pomegranate oil a try. We guarantee you’ll love it, unless you hate sweet-smelling oil that gives you young radiant skin.

100% pure & cold pressed, Egyptian pomegranate oil.

Step 1:

Pump the pomegranate oil one or two times onto your palms.

Step 2:

Gently massage the oil into your skin in a circular motion.

Step 3:

Use daily to keep your skin moisturized, healthy & youthful.


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