Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash


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Gently wash away dirt & impurities off your skin without stripping your skin dry.


  • 100% natural, without any chemicals
  • Clean & nourish your skin
  • Very gentle on sensitive skin
  • Soothes inflammation

Looking for a gentle yet effective cleanser for your sensitive skin? Our Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash is the perfect fit for you! We’ve combined our organic, Egyptian black seed oil with whole petals of golden calendula to make a cleanser that comforts your sensitive skin as it wash off dirt & debris.

Since ancient Egypt era, black seeds & its oil has played a significant role in herbal medicine. The oil is highly valued for its anti-inflammatory & immune enhancing properties. It is very powerful yet gentle enough for almost everyone to use. Same goes with calendula, it is also highly regarded as a medicinal herb for many centuries. Often found in Ayurvedic treatments & Traditional Chinese Medicine for its anti-inflammatory property. In skincare, we treasure it for its ability to soothe inflamed skin.

Our Black Seed & Calendula Face Wash gently wash away dirt & impurities off your skin without stripping your skin dry. Made with only 7 ingredients including water, it’s minimalistic yet highly effective. When dealing with sensitive skin, it’s often best to go minimal to reduce the likelihood of a rare ingredients triggering your skin. That’s why, this is our top recommendation for sensitive skin cleanser.

Pure spring water, USDA certified organic sunflower oil, USDA certified organic coconut oil, certified organic black seed oil, potassium hydroxide, Kalahari Desert salt, whole calendula flowers.

Step 1:

Apply directly to wet face or lather a bit on your palm first.

Step 2:

Slowly massage it well around your face.

Step 3:

Rinse well with water. Repeat daily for best results.


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