African Sage & Cinnamon Body Wash Bar


Eliminate body odour & gives you a healthier skin.


  • Natural deodorant to combat odour
  • Natural insect repellent
  • Strong anti-bacteria property
  • Contains up to 33% shea butter
  • Very moisturizing soap

African wild sage, also known as leleshwa by the locals, is a type of bush plant growing throughout lower East Africa.

Used by animals and humans alike for centuries, this remarkable bush plant has anti-septic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & insect repellent properties. Combined with cinnamon’s bacteria-fighting power, this soap is highly effective as a natural deodorant.

Bad body odour is usually caused by either fungal or bacterial overgrowth on the skin. That usually occurs at the underarm & in between the toes. Hence, having strong anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties helps to clear away those stubborn infections.

By washing regularly (at least twice a day), this amazing soap keeps your skin clean & clears those infections. That in turn, eliminate body odour & gives you a healthier skin as well.

In case you’re worried that this soap is too harsh or drying, rest assured that it contains up to 33% shea butter. So, it won’t dry up your skin. Highly suitable for those with dry skin & you can even use it as a face wash too!

Certified organic virgin coconut cream oil, Spring water, Certified organic shea butter, Certified organic extra virgin olive oil, Sodium hydroxide (lye), Organic cinnamon powder, Cinnamon bark essential oil, Leleshwa essential oil.

Step 1:

Lather the bar with some water on your hands. Or lather it directly on your skin.

Step 2:

Take some time to scrub & massage it all over your skin.

Step 3:

Rinse off with water. Use it once or twice a day for healthy skin.


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